Sunday, 21 June 2015

Celebrating A Trio of Fathers

This year, contrary to last year, and more years than I care to think about before that, I will actually get to spend Father's Day with my dad. In fact, all going to plan, nearly all the dads in my immediate family's life will be together and that has never happened before.

Expat life is like that - it means being apart for days you should be together.

Last year we (my sons, my husband and I) had a beautiful Father's Day and I sat thinking how great it would be if next year it could be spent with my dad and my father -in-law too. And then life carried on until a few months ago when suddenly the idea I had last year sprang to mind.

I sent an email to my stepmother, who booked flights quicker than you can say, "Happy Father's Day" and the date was etched in stone on the calendar. And that day is now here.

We have a fun afternoon planned. Three dads. Three grandsons. Three sons. One family. One celebration of fatherhood. We'll be making the most of a unique occasion.

I am so pleased that we get to spend this day together.

Wishing all you fathers out there a wonderful day in the company of your families.



  1. Looks like the perfect Father's Day! Yum Yum! #mysundayphoto

  2. The bbq looks great! Have a fab day x

  3. Ooo this looks so yummy

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Ooo a BBQ looks absolutely divine, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  5. Loved this blogpost today and hope you folks had a great ( and yummy) time. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. Aww sounds like a nice Fathers Day event! #mysundayphoto