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Expat literature is, I'm happy to say, a growing sector of the book market for sure. These books are great accompaniements for any expat journey. All book covers click through to Amazon.co.uk and are affiliate links which provide a pennies to keep me in pens and notebooks…..

I am proud to introduce Dutched Up!: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style which I have contributed to. It's an expat anthology about life in the Netherlands. I write about friendship, the wonderful thing that is Dutch kraamzorg and last but not least a chapter called 'My Beautiful Dutch Wedding'.

Capturing Our Expat Stories

Our stories matter. Stories about our expat lives matter. And that's why I journal - and why I am a huge advocate of journaling and recording the precious moments of the lives we live overseas; the special moments we have whilst raising families in a different culture, the ones that are worth capturing for the future. Sometimes the most normal of moments, those that may not seem so extraordinary now, will be the ones that fill our hearts with joy in years to come.

This is the reason I believe Gadanke journals are perfect for expats. There are journals beautifully crafted with our children in mind, with Christmas as the focus, for weddings, recipes and for looking a little deeper inside yourself. Whatever your reason to journal, Gadanke has the perfect pages for you.

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