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Long Hat is a Hero

Long Hat is my first Dutch to English translation project, and it's one of my favorite projects to date. You can read all about how I came to work on getting Langmuts into English here

You can get a copy of Long Hat from or Scrivo Media.

Dutched Up

I am just one of many expat bloggers in the Netherlands who contributed stories to Dutched Up!, an anthology about living in the Netherlands as a foreigner. The stories are heartfelt, honest, funny and sad.

"With its tall buildings and tulip-lined canals, the Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit. But what happens when you move there instead? We asked a group of expat women to share their stories about moving to the land of windmills. From wondering why everyone's curtains are open, to stealing back bicycles, to struggling to get doctors to take you seriously, to having babies, making friends and learning to get along with Dutch colleagues, these women did not hold back in telling their tales of life in the Netherlands."
"A collection of essays by expat bloggers in The Netherlands opened my eyes to how tall the Dutch are, how complicated their language is, how blunt their words are, how they steal bikes left and right, how their doctors don't really want to see you, and how stress and worry free they are when it comes to their kids." Amazon review by Olivia C

You can also purchase Dutched Up! from the Book Depository or from

Once Upon an Expat

Once Upon an Expat is available NOW. It's an anthology about the highs, the lows and everything in between of expat life written by amazing expats from all across the world.

All author royalties from sales of this book through Amazon will go to Books Abroad, an organisation that promotes literacy and education in developing countries.

"Trying times, funny stories, and heartwarming realisations make up the pages of this book that will take you on a worldly adventure without even leaving your home." Canadian Expat Mom

"Being an expat myself, I appreciated both the humorous and heartfelt writings in this book. Sometimes tongue in cheek and often touching, this book is a must read for expats who feel like strangers in a strange land - or like they've found a new home. You will enjoy this book!" Amazon Customer

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