Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The World Cup 2014 Battle Lines

Is everyone ready for the football World Cup? The battle lines are once more drawn in our house. The orange camp on one side and the white and red on the other. Although in reality the battle lines are much closer together than they once were and during the last World Cup our house was pretty much an exclusively orange affair.

I'm more caught up in the Dutch media frenzy leading up to any major tournament than I am in the English media onslaught. I'm more familiar with the Dutch players than the English. So the battle lines have become hazy. We're a little more united than twelve years ago. My sons and husband will cheer for England - as long as their opponents are not wearing orange.

My only gripe so far is that England's first match kicks off at midnight Dutch time....

I think whatever happens this year we can safely say it won't be a repeat of the drama and tears in our house of the 2010 World Cup Final. My prediction is that neither England nor the Netherlands will get anywhere near the final......and so there will be peace in the van Mulligen household come July 13th when the final will be played.

Are you planning on watching the World Cup? Which team is your money on to reach the final? Which team will you be cheering on?

If you missed it, you can read my post on England's love of the beautiful game over on Smitten by Britain:


  1. It's going to be quite easy for me. Ireland is not in the World Cup and Mauritius (my husband's country) is not either. So we will all be cheering for France, although I don't think they will go far... My bet is on Argentina or Brazil to win...

  2. Hup Holland! 2010 had such a tragic ending! My husband is 8th generation Canadian, but thankfully Canada isn't playing so he is wearing the oranje. If he wore anything else, he'd be sleeping in the guest room ;) ~Ree

  3. Oh, revenge was sweet bumpandrun chat was it not? What a wonderful games last Friday - absolutely mesmerising!!!!

    Glad to see your husband is showing solidarity....even if he has no choice :-)

    Hup Holland Hup!!

  4. Well Anne, France has it's first three points. But I think you are right - I don't see them going far either..... the Netherlands however..... :-)