Monday, 23 June 2014

The Ultimate Guide for Any Wannabe Brit

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships start today and so it is appropriate to share this once more:

This is the ultimate illustration for what it takes to be British. I mean, real, proper British. If you can't queue you're not in the British club. As a nation we pride ourselves on our queueing abilities and woe betide anyone who does not queue in the correct way. Should you fail to queue in the official manner you will be .........tutted at. A lot. And if looks could kill....... 

Lucky for inexperienced foreign queuers that we Brits are incredibly polite! We think menacing thoughts about queue jumpers, but we say nothing, leaving it at eye rolling and tutting. If you want to know more about queuing head over to Smitten by Britain for my article, The British Art of Queuing

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