Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Mommy Hotspot Baptism

I am delighted to share that I have just started as a contributing author for Mommy Hotspot and my first post went live yesterday.

Mommy Hotspot is a website set up with the one aim of connecting mothers across the world (as well as giving a dedicated corner to dads). You can read articles about parenting, crafting and creating and entertaining as well as read product reviews. And I am thrilled to be a part of it!

My first article is on the topic of the Dutch and how they seem to have mastered the concept of a work life balance, much more so that some other countries. An article I shared on my Facebook page earlier in the week springs to mind.....

You can read A Dutch Lesson on Work Life Balance by visiting I would love to hear your thoughts, read your comments and appreciate you sharing the article if you enjoyed it.

I will be sharing my thoughts on parenting, especially overseas, raising boys and on the topic of highly sensitive children each month over on Mommy Hotspot. You can keep up with new posts on the Mommy Hotspot Facebook page, or by following on Twitter at @MommyHotSpot. I hope you'll join me over there!


  1. Fantastic and congratulations Amanda. I went and read it and left a comment. I'm reading a book that mentions the British way of feeding children first so families don't often eat together and I'm writing a blog post about how I feel about this. I got it wrong a few times when I first had children here in the UK. then I realized, hey, I can do it however I like! Whatever I think is best for my family!! I'm so pleased for you about being a blogger on their website. And pleased for them too, they are lucky to have you.

  2. Congratulations! And what a great topic too - one of the most interesting things about moving abroad, for me, is discovering how other societies function in terms of things like work/life balance. The Swedes have it down pretty well too, and whenever I visit home and my friends can't meet for a mid week drink because they'll be at the office until at least 9pm, I wonder why we are so backwards in the UK!

  3. Thank you so much Meg!!! Exactly - everyone needs to work things around their family and do what fits. I get that so many families cannot sit together (also in the Netherlands) and I really think that culture has a big influence on how you feel you 'should' do things..... but what works and what you are comfortable with is far more important!!

    Thanks Claire - there certainly is a different mentality in the UK for sure. I certainly never grew up eating dinner together on weekdays!!!