Friday, 12 February 2016

An Overseas Love Turns Life Upside Down

With Valentine's day around the corner AngloInfo has been running a series called Lovepats. It's all about those expats among us who moved overseas for love. And so when I was asked to contribute my story I was happy to oblige.....

Anyone who has moved overseas to be with a partner will know that it turns your life upside down - and inside out. You'll already know it's not the easiest thing in the world to do...... but many of us do it anyway. Here's my story......

"Sixteen years after our chat room meeting we are still together. We are married. We have a family together. We are still planning for the future, even though we still don’t have it all mapped out. But neither of us is under any illusion that our journey to this point has been an easy one........."
to read more go to AngloInfo's Overseas Love Turns Life Upside Down and Inside Out

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  1. Great article.. It's nice to read something that's not constrained by the '10 reasons I chose overseas love' or something like that! I read it with lots of "yes, yes, I quite agree", but also some "nope" and some "I'm married to an English guy and I still have that problem!" And absolutely "yes!" to the part about having to struggle that much harder to get your head around the Dutch education system than people who've known it all their lives and even if things have changed since they were there, they get updated every so often because they have relatives whose children are going through the system.