Sunday, 8 September 2013

An Afternoon at the Embassy Festival in The Hague

Yesterday all five of us went to The Hague to take a look around at the Embassy Festival on the Lange Voorhout. The aim of the festival was to showcase the many nationalities that live in The Hague through cultural activities. Culinary delights, music, readings and art were promised. And certainly delivered.

It was the first such festival to be organised and I hope it will be an annual event - it was a really pleasant afternoon out and the kids enjoyed themselves too.

At one end of the site there was a stage hosting pop/jazz/soul/folk musicians and at the other a classical music stage dominated proceedings. Worlds apart yet both entertaining and drawing crowds. The children loved getting creative at De Zoep's stand where a collective art wall wall being created. We loved trying new wines and listening to live classical music - something we haven't done since becoming parents!

Instead of me talking, let me show you our afternoon through photos.

De Zoep - responsible for the art wall

Collective art wall
My creative geniuses at work for the art wall
Three van Mulligen art works...
Mesmerised the children!
The classical music stage

Getting ready for the children's museum night
Buitenhof looking beautiful in the evening sunshine
A little fun on Spuiplein on the way back to the car

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