Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Time - Vitamins and Watching Leaves

Molly over at The Move to America has had a wonderful idea for a weekly social link up with a 'Monday Coffee Morning' where she shares what her week has in store for her. Nice idea huh? If you want to join in, grab your coffee cup and head over to Molly's.

I plan for this week to be a quieter one that last week, when birthday celebrations dominated the week. As promised I did actually make eccles cakes, after a long Monday I spent my evening in the kitchen - which actually I really enjoyed. The kids were already in bed so I could put my own music on and get lost in my own little baking world. The result was well appreciated at home and at my husband's work.

Eccles cakes - a British kind of treat
Photo: (c) Amanda van Mulligen

However, the business of the week left us all feeling a little drained, and as school has only been back two weeks we are now faced with the inevitable and obligatory round of back to school bugs that start rearing their ugly heads. So we're all fighting colds. Lacklustre is one word to sum how I feel up at the moment. So this week will be focussed on vitamin boosts, fresh air and positive thinking. We will not be brought down by colds....

We're waiting for the leaves to colour
Photo: (c) Amanda van Mulligen
This week we'll also be watching the leaves closely on the trees. We are looking at for signs of colour change for a family photo shoot with Vinita Salome. If the leaves cooperate we could be doing an autumn session at the weekend. If they stubbornly stay green (which I suspect they will for now) we'll be moving the session. And of course it needs to stay dry, which judging by the last week is a big ask in the Netherlands at the moment...

What do you have planned this week? Whatever it is, I hope it's a good one.


  1. I remember those first weeks back at school and the bugs that go with it when I was teaching - not nice!
    I hope the week ahead has you feeling better soon - sounds like you have the right idea of fresh air and vitamins!

    Molly xo

  2. We are also experiencing those beginning-of-the-school-year bugs here. One Kiddo believes that cough drops cure everything ;-)

  3. Dropping like flies around us *takes swig of homemade multifruit smoothie with a handful of vitamin tablets*. Kids getting whinier by the hour..... grrrrrrr