Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MKB First Birthday Celebrations - The Dreaded Dutch Birthday Circle

In honour of Multicultural Kid Blogs' first birthday I have written a post about my very first Dutch circle party. I often wake up in a cold sweat from the memories of it that are imprinted deep down in my mind. It's been thirteen years but it's like it was yesterday...... it goes like this:

"Growing up in England my birthday celebrations evolved from children’s parties at home with traditional party games like pass the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and musical statues. As I got older I remember birthday parties turning into birthday treats. I went with a few friends to a musical in a London theatre (James and the Giant Peach is one such memory) or the cinema. As my teenage years went by such trips turned into two separate celebrations – a family dinner and drinks with friends. Combining the two worlds during a birthday was never on the cards. Until I came to the Netherlands........."

To read the rest of the post head over to the MKB site  and if you link your own birthday blog post, or leave a comment about your wish for the coming year you are automatically entered for the great giveaway.

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