Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Monster Jam in Rotterdam 2016

If there were any events I could never have imagined myself being present at before I had children then Monster Jam was probably certainly right up there as one of them. I can take or leave a monster truck. However, I have three sons who would rather be close up and personal to a monster truck than a million miles away from one. So we got 5 tickets for Monster Jam in De Kuip. 

And you know what? I actually kind of enjoyed myself! I enjoyed it far more than I ever dreamed I would - and more importantly my three boys had the time of their lives. My youngest was in tears as we were heading out of De Kuip. He hadn't been feeling too great so I initially thought he was feeling ill - but no he was crying because it was all over and he'd had such a great time. He was enthralled by the events on the Feyenoord pitch on 2 July, as were his brothers. 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.......

And last, but not least, there were some nutters on bikes who jumped obscenely high. My heart was in my mouth until they landed safely again!

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  1. The things we do for our children! Monster Jam is one of the things I managed to escape and, to be honest, I can't really think of anything I've gone to for my children that I would have been horrified at otherwise. A Sesame Street musical, perhaps. My only experience of De Kuip was watching David Bowie (R.I.P.) on his Glass Spider Tour, from very high up in the stand at the opposite end of the field from the stage. Just as well they had large screens showing close-ups, but there was a horrendous delay. Great concert, though. You probably didn't have much trouble seeing those trucks. They really are monstrous! Your sons are lucky to have such a lovely mummy.