Sunday, 29 November 2015

Where We Put Our Shoes for Sinterklaas to Fill

Since Sinterklaas hit town children across the Netherlands have been putting their shoes out before they go to bed for Sinterklaas (or rather his Piets) to fill with presents, sweets and kruidnoten.

My children are no exception. As we don't have a fireplace and a chimney, we thought we'd knutsel one together..... Even though the Piets no longer have to use the chimney (as they can use their special hunnebed stenen) this creation still takes centre stage in our living room......this is the magic of the Sinterklaas celebration!



  1. What a fab tradition to have with your kids, it's so different to anything we have in England!

  2. This is a brilliant Christmas tradition. I've never seen this before

    Thank you for linking up

  3. What a lovely tradition....I've never heard of this before x