Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Woes of a Travelling Dutchie - Hotel Beds

Continuing the Live Like a Dutchie theme this month on the blog I want to show you how to emanate Dutchness should you regularly stay in hotels whilst travelling.

You may (or may not) know that Dutch people, in general, are tall. Hotel beds across the world are not, generally, designed with that in mind. It means that many a travelling Dutchman (and woman) find themselves in this situation:

For a Dutch person 'normal' beds are actually better described as 3/4 length beds. This is something the rest of us belonging to the short arsed non-Dutch population never have to face, but it's reality for many a woeful Dutchman (or woman) who has to sleep with a chair at the end of their hotel bed. It's where their feet go. There are usually associated duvet/blanket/cold feet issues too but that's a whole other blog post.

This is the reason why my bedroom is dominated by a bed that in usual circumstances could accommodate many people sleeping head to toe. As a case in point, our bed is given up when my father and stepmother, affectionately called the Hobbits by my husband, come over from England. They can lie head to toe in our bed without their feet ever meeting*.

We bought such a long bed so that my husband doesn't have to spend his entire life sleeping with a chair at the end of his side of the bed.

*Well, that's not actually quite true but the image is hilarious and you get the drift; many Dutch people don't fit in normal sized beds. 

Tip number 7: if you want to live like a Dutchie whilst you are travelling from hotel to hotel you'll need to stick a chair at the end of your bed. 


  1. LOL And to think that I thought Germans were tall! I've never had to see a German do this, so clearly they can't be THAT tall. Although living here, I do always feel like I'm looking up, and standing on my tip-toes to reach things :D

    1. I think the Dutch win the tallest of Europe prize 😃