Sunday, 8 February 2015

Snow in the Netherlands: My Sunday Photo

In the land of the Dutch it snowed this week, albeit only a little compared to the photos I have seen coming out of Canada, or even the UK for example. We had enough snow in the garden to build little snowmen. And yes, I sang the question, "Do you want to build a snowman?" to my children. A lot.

There was even enough snow to warrant dragging the sledge out of the shed and I pulled my youngest to school on it to pick up his older brothers. I then dragged my eldest and my youngest back home on it - I figured I was seeing a physiotherapist end of the week anyway, so what the hell. My middle son had a lunch date, despite an earlier sledding accident in school, so he ate someone else's weekly bread supply.

We had lots of fun, despite the snow beginning to melt away by the afternoon - it's been a while since we had enough snow to actually play in it!

The sprinkling of snow from a week ago, and this week's more modest fall.



  1. That's a very cute snowman! We ahven't had any snow this year, but that's not unusual!

  2. Lucky you having snow, it hasn't reached us in South Devon :-( #mysundayphoto

  3. You're lucky you got enough snow to build a snowman, we had a beautiful blizzard but very little settled.

  4. We've hardly had any here, thankfully, I'm not good in the snow unless I have ski's strapped to my feet or a cocktail in my hand apres ski style! :)

  5. He looks like an awesome snowman...we've hardly had any

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Awww he looks so lovely! We dont have snow. I was wishing but I will give up now as winter is almost over! #mysundayphoto