Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Sunday Photo: Fish Watching

Last week we popped to our local zoo, Blijdorp in Rotterdam (great zoo if you are local and haven't been). Some months it's like a second home as we have an annual pass, but last week was the first trip for a while. 

We spent about three days looking at the fish. Okay, obviously it wasn't three days but it was a loooong time. Something calming about the Oceanium part of Blijdorp isnt't there? We're back there in a few weeks for a special birthday boy treat, so watch this space........



  1. It is very calming watching fish, you're right. There's a great aquarium in Monaco which is our nearest and we love going there too.

  2. This activity is very calming indeed! I could just sit there and watch them swim all day. =) #mysundayphoto

  3. What a lovely shot, their silhouettes against the light of the tank is great.

  4. I could watch fish for hours. So calming

    Thank you for linking up