Wednesday, 9 July 2014

World Cup 2014: Oranjegekte

Having beaten Costa Rica last Saturday in what I can only describe as a bit of a nail biter, the boys in orange play again this evening, 10pm Dutch time to be exact. Against Argentina in the semi final, for a place in the World Cup final. World Cup final people. I'm on the verge of a breakdown just thinking about it.

The Dutch population, almost entirely as a whole, has been preparing in the only way they know how - by turning everything orange.

Houses have turned orange subsequently turning the streets orange. Food and drink has turned orange. You can buy orange burgers and orange puddings from the local supermarket, and of course the obligatory tompouce which turns orange just for such a special occasion. Clothes have turned orange. There are even some people that seem to have actually turned orange.

Yes, oranjegekte (orange madness) just builds as each hurdle to the World Cup final is jumped over. Admittedly, it did seem to take a little longer to get going this year. Expectations were low and many companies must be kicking themselves (and presumably everyone in their marketing departments) for a missed opportunity to jump on the orange bandwagon. But expectations are now high, higher than high. The nation is in a frenzy (except those odd few who couldn't care less about football. When I say odd I mean.. never mind, you know what I mean.)

How far you join in the orange craziness apparently actually depends on the amount of serotonine that is present in your brain - the more you have the more likely you are to follow the crowd - in this case a crowd clad in orange. (And yes, that was the result of an actually study, in case you are entertaining the idea that I make this stuff up).

So to conclude, serotonine levels are raging across the land. In fact, I think we have a serious serotonine overload on a national scale. The Netherlands is orange. And I have everything crossed that those orange flags and banners will still be flying proudly tomorrow - and the boys in orange get to play their last match of this World Cup on Sunday. The alternative is unthinkable. All together now....

Hup Holland Hup. 

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