Friday, 21 March 2014

Boy Tooth Fairies Don't Mind Messy Bedrooms

"Have you tidied your bedroom? The tooth fairy is not coming in to your room when it's such a mess," I told my son who was clutching his front tooth in the palm of his hand.

"Does she need to walk in my room?" he asked in all seriousness.

"Yes," I stated stony eyed.

"But I thought she could fly," he said.

"Yes but...with such a mess she won't be able to find your tooth," I explained.

"Doesn't she know all kids put their teeth under their pillows? She doesn't need to look to find it," he retorted in a tone that suggested he thought the tooth fairy may not be the cleverest of fairies.

"But if she can't even see your bed because of all the stuff in front of it, she won't be able to find your tooth," I responded getting a little exasperated with the conversation, and a little frustrated by the lack of movement towards getting his bedroom spick and span.

"Can the tooth fairy be a boy?" was his follow up.

"Why?" I asked, knowing full well the direction my son was taking. "Because boys don't mind mess? Is that what you're thinking?"

"No, mama," he said sheepishly heading to his bedroom.

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