Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Confession Time: We're Donkey-less

New year. Clean slate. I have a confession. Just before Christmas I did something that turns this blog into a sham. "Expat Life with a Double Buggy" became a redundant title. In the interests of accuracy it should now be called "Expat Life with Two Single Buggies, One Of Which is Hardly Used". 

The Bugaboo Donkey has a new home. To be perfectly honest the double pram had been used as an oversized single pram for many, many months. More months than I want to admit. My three year old would sometimes stand on the buggy board, but hadn't sat in the pram itself for a looong time. Facing up to the fact that we no longer needed a double stroller meant admitting that I no longer have two babies in the house. I have one toddler and a pre-schooler, (and their brother of course - he's still here, but for the purposes of pram talk he's out of the picture). The time had come to invest in a pram that actually fits through the regular check out of my local supermarket. The days of being forced through the wide aisle needed to be over. Whilst the side basket on the Donkey in single stance was handy, the contraption all in all was wider than the standard single pram. It was time for a change. 

So with a heavy heart the pram was lovingly spruced up and put on Marktplaats to sell. That was a Sunday, just before dinner time. By the time we had eaten our meal and loaded the dishwasher we had a buyer. Twenty four hours later, we were well and truly Donkeyless, the Bugaboo Donkey and it's close friend our buggy board nothing but a distant memory.

What made me feel better about the whole transaction (aside from the addition to our holiday fund) was that it went to a good home, namely to foster parents who were likely getting baby twins to look after, in addition to an older child who was already part of their family. It's nice to think of a whole new set of children being ferried about in our pram. Our ex-pram. 

So we bought a new, single pram and we still have the 'spare' McClaren buggy folded and stored under the stairs for cases when space or stairs are an obstacle. So two single buggies. 

Anyhow, back to the point of this post. My expat life is now sans double buggy. But I'm not changing the blog title at this stage. When all three of my boys are teenagers I might consider it. Think of the title as preserving a little of expat history. Two single buggies is pretty close to a double buggy right?


  1. Already?? Gosh the time has flown, hasn't it? So pleased your Donkey has gone to a great home, and even more pleased you don't need the double buggy any more. I can only imagine the space you have in the car for more shopping now!

  2. Can't wait to get rid of all the buggies in the house ;D

  3. Oh I know Olga - 7 years of having prams parked in the hall….. won't be sorry to have a pramless house!!

    Nerissa - we can actually get in the house without turning sideways now…….

  4. Congratulations! I've sold my twin-stroller (Urban jungle ;-)) last year. Not that I still needed it, I did borrow it to several friends the last 3 years (expats relocating here in NL and two of them with twins ;-)) and still had it for our friends who came regularly for visiting with two kids (baby-toddler) where it was handy to have a stroller/pram. I also had one for travelling (foldable like umbrella) which I gave away sooner... I'm now trying to sell little bikes ;-) haha.

  5. I bet it feels like time has just flown by! A real milestone!