Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Morning Coffee Time: Herfstvakantie

Molly over at The Move to America has had a wonderful idea for a weekly social link up with a 'Monday Coffee Morning' where she shares what her week has in store for her. Nice idea huh? If you want to join in, grab your coffee cup and head over to Molly's.

This week is herfstvakantie in our part of the Netherlands. That means school holiday time - autumn break. And it means there are lots of things going on for children. It's actually turned into a busy week for us. 

On the agenda, as the main attraction,  we have Lego World in Utrecht. We went last year (in Zwolle) and there were some very happy boys in my midst. In fact, the biggest boy of all (aka the husband) seemed to have a fabulous time indeed, showing his sons exactly what you can do with a few Lego bricks, imagination and some time on your hands.... This year my youngest will also be old enough to get stuck in. I think I'll head to the Lego Friends section and think about what might have been had Lego come up with idea a few decades earlier.....

We also have a trip to see Bob the Builder planned. He's on stage with his friends. 

In between we have some playdates arranged and then to cap it all off we have another theater show which is part of De Betovering festival in The Hague. We've got tickets for 'White' (Wit) and even mama and papa are looking forward to that one..... Hopefully they'll be quiet time too for some Halloween crafts that the boys want to do. A quiet day will be welcome after all this I'm sure.....

What do you have planned for the week?


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  2. Thanks again for joining my link-up! I hope you have a goes week ahead! Happy Monday!