Friday, 19 October 2012

Letting Off Steam in Autumn aka Losing Your Car Keys in the Woods

The changing colour of the leaves
(c) Amanda van Mulligen
Whilst many around me are moaning about the change in weather as autumn makes its mark I'm actually fine with the change of the season. There's something about the leaves changing to red, yellow and orange and falling to the ground. I like the swirling leaves on the paths. I like the candle lit evenings as they draw in earlier as each day in October goes by. I think there is something attractive about every season and autumn is certainly no exception.

With two boys now in school the autumn projects of course now start and collecting starts in earnest. I've already covered kabouters but there is of course much more to the autumn season. Like finding leaves for rubbings and collecting horse chestnut seeds or conkers for... well just for the sake of it really, as the Dutch don't do conker games like the British. I've got a list of autumn craft ideas at hand for the autumn break next week....

With the thought in mind that we could educate at least two of our boys on the finer elements of autumn we set off for a walk in the Panbos, the woods in Katwijk, armed with wellington boots, a pram rain cover and an umbrella.

Taking in the view
(c) Amanda van Mulligen
Autumn in action
(c) Amanda van Mulligen

Toadstool housing kabouters?
(c) Lars van Mulligen
Muddy puddle stomping - always a
hit with little boys
(c) Amanda van Mulligen

The boys were in their element. Lots of running around, exploring, collecting leaves and fir cones, examining mushrooms and toadstools which were growing in abundance and the all time favourite boy's pastime of stomping in muddy puddles. We also played a bit of football and in general had a relaxing, fun afternoon.

Until we got to the car. That was the moment my husband discovered he no longer had the car keys. Given the running, climbing, playing and general exploring that had taken place the search ground seemed suddenly enormous and the outing was suddenly not so relaxing........


  1. Well someone else found them and saw me waiting in the car park for my husband to come back from his search... I must have been looking stressed :-)

  2. That's lucky someone found them! That toadstool is awesome looking - I'd be pretty excited to stumble across that in a forest!

    1. Considering the size of the woods we were in I think we were amazingly lucky - the evening could have been sooooo different!! Some good karma came our way for sure.