Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Live Like a Dutchie

It's time to put all the tips together from the Live Like a Dutchie month. Follow these 8 tips and you're sure to integrate into Dutch society in a way that even Geert Wilders would be proud of.

Tip 1: Gratis is good!
Tip 2: Give in to the gel.
Tip 3: Play in a speelpolder.
Tip 4: Do birthdays Dutch style with a traktatie.
Tip 5: Embrace your inner hoor.
Tip 6: Hang at the beach. A lot.
Tip 7: When staying in a hotel be sure you stick a chair at the end of your bed.
Tip 8: Learn from the experts.

There was actually so much more I wanted to share with you this month but time got the better of me - so there'll certainly be more on this topic in the future. Meanwhile you can browse some older posts that will help you live like a Dutchie too!

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