Monday, 30 March 2015

Live Like A Dutchie - Advice from the Experts

To almost conclude the #LiveLikeaDutchie month on the blog I want to hand you over to other experts on living life in the Netherlands, namely some wonderful expat bloggers here in the land of the Dutch.

What they don't know about trying to live like a Dutchie isn't worth knowing. Here's what they do know.....

Bitterballen Bruid - What makes the Dutch Dutch? These 25 things for a start and you certainly cannot profess to be Dutchlike if the word gezellig doesn't mean anything to you. Furthermore, it's not just you that should exude Dutchness, it's your bathroom too, no matter how odd it may seem. 

Craftie Mum - Want to know why parenting in the Netherlands is so great? Then take a peek at what Tamkara has to say.

Drie Culturen: To get inside the mind of a Dutchman you need to know what they miss when they leave the homeland. Here's the top 10 things Dutch people miss when they live abroad. Here are also 10 great tips for surviving and thriving in the Netherlands.

Dutchified - Here you'll find vlogs on just about everything you could imagine about life in Amsterdam and beyond from cookies to the red light district.

Expat Since Birth - Here's the low down on what Ute likes about living in the Netherlands (pt 2 is here) and if you're planning on living like a local and have children then you'll need to know all about traditional Dutch games. You'll also need to eat whilst living in the Netherlands so knowledge about the local fayre is essential. 

Nerdy Mom is on hand to share what you need to know about ice skating in the Netherlands. To live like a local you at least need to know that Dutch people are born sitting on their bikes with ice skates on their feet.....

Poppies and Ice Cream - You'll need to learn Dutch if you want to live like a Dutchie - that's a given and lucky for you here are some tips to help you learn. King's Day is coming up in April so you have an opportunity to turn orange and become at least a little bit Dutch without even trying. And the Netherlands just wouldn't be the same without Sinterklaas.

Ute's Expat Lounge - Living in the Netherlands means developing a Dutch mentality. Here's everything you need to know, and more, about Dutch etiquette


  1. Thanks Amanda for sharing my posts. You have a nice list here! I saw some traffic on my blog coming form your blog :) greetings Janneke @DrieCulturen.

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  3. Thank you Amanda for sharing my post about the touring blades and skating in general in the Netherlands. A follow-up is coming soon as now I'm at in-line skating for beginners and from October figure skating for adults... ;-)