Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Expat Activity Book by Jodi Harris - A Book Review

Twenty personal development exercises to get you thinking about the challenges, the growth moments, the gifts and the things you lose when you choose an expat life. That's what Jodi Harris's expat activity book (Amazon US link) is about in a nutshell.

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From 'The Hello Checklist' at the front of the book to 'The Goodbye Checklist' at the back, Jodi (World Tree Coaching) guides you through activities designed to get you thinking about who you are and how you can be your best self as an expat. 

The first exercise is designed to help expats plan for settling into a new home, whilst the second is a means of visualising how a new adventure will look. They are exercises specifically for expats making a transition. They are the kind of activities that would certainly provide me with support and direction if I was planning an international relocation. 

However, I'm not. At least not yet.

Yet this book was still a wonderful resource even to me, the static expat. In fact, I'm going to put my neck on the line here and say you don't even need to be an expat to get a lot out of many of these exercises!

Regulars here will know I am a big fan of journaling as a creative and emotional outlet and many of these personal development exercises fit beautifully within a journal framework. My favourite thing about this book is the flexibility of it. You can run through the exercises in the order you wish, you can write in the book itself, or a journal - you take out of the book what fits with you and what you need. It's like working with a friend who says - whenever and however you're ready!

Whichever exercises you choose to work through, whichever questions you choose to give thought to I guarantee that you will look at your (expat) life though different eyes and find a way to move forward, step outside your comfort zone, work your way through culture shock, find balance, appreciate what you have achieved in life already and understand yourself better.

I love the Bad Day Permission slip to get you thinking about how to get yourself of one of those days when it's just not coming together.

And what about these questions for starters to get you thinking?
Who in my life loves me most of all?
What am I afraid of?  
What do I really,  really, really, really want?
What 50 things can you do now (that you had never done before)? 
This activity book is a great tool to put the spotlight on yourself and YOUR life overseas. You will also be more prepared for your life abroad, whether you are about to pack your bags for the first time, or you've lost count of the number of times your life has been packed up to be relocated!

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