Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dutched Up! is Now a Real Live Book

Yes, it's a little like Gepetto waving Pinnochio around but this is more about 'e-book into real live paper hold in your hand book' than it is about 'wooden puppet into a real live boy'.

I am so excited to announce that you can now get your hands on a copy of Dutched Up! as a paperback book. Of course, reading it on your Kindle was fun but in my humble opinion nothing beats holding an actual real book in your hands.

The authors of Dutched Up! have been collectively holding their breath in anticipation over the past few months as the printing process went on behind the scenes. But we are (you'll be glad to know) all breathing once more as the books rolled hot off the presses into our grubby little hands.

And of course you'll all be wondering where on earth you can get your own grubby mitts on a copy of this wonderful book, this collaboration of literary geniuses telling expat life like it is in the Netherlands, this showpiece for expat life, this collection of...... you get the picture. Read on for a list pf places you can get hold of a copy.......

But first - who needs this book? Well, it's a book you need to have on your bookshelf if:
  • you are an expat in the Netherlands
  • you are soon to be an expat in the Netherlands
  • you could at some point in the future be an expat in the Netherlands
  • you want to be an expat in the Netherlands
  • you dream of becoming an expat in the Netherlands
  • you know an expat in the Netherlands
  • you have a friend who knows an expat in the Netherlands
  • you are Dutch and wonder how female expats experience life in the Netherlands
  • you have any kind of tenuous link to the Netherlands and want to read about life in the Netherlands
  • you like reading about expat life
  • you life reading about the Netherlands
  • you love reading funny, poignant, interesting and informational stories
  • you like reading
  • you like filling your bookshelves with beautiful books
  • you have eyes
Convinced? Ok - here's where to head for your very own copy:

  • Online at or

  • Or from

  • And last but not least - if you are local to Zoetermeer then get in touch as I have a few spare copies to sell! 

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