Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dutch Peanut Butter or Nothing

Photo Credit: Crystal Alifanow
It's that time of year when the Dutch nation leaves home en masse and heads for sunnier climes. It's a bit of a standing joke that Dutch people pack their hagelslag and pindakaas to take on holiday with them.

Except that it is real. Apparently the peanut butter sold in British supermarkets is not good enough for my Dutchman. He mutters,

"It looks like wall filler, and it's the colour of...."

"Yes, okay, I get the picture!" I say.

"It's Calve or nothing. Crunchy pindakaas. Not that British swill that sticks in your mouth," he says, doing an impression of what looks like a dog dry heaving.

So Calve pindakaas goes into the holiday crate, alongside the hagelslag. The peanut butter on the British grocery list that is to be delivered to our holiday cottage in Cornwall is taken off the list.

It's Dutch peanut butter or nothing I learn.


  1. Funny, but when I bought peanut butter at Morrison's, it was made in Holland!

  2. Ha! Wish I'd seen that - could have done a blindfolded taste test with him to catch him out...... next time we're in England......

  3. As an American who lived for 27 glorious years in The Netherlands, I am sorry to say that my Dutch husband prefers cheap Dollar Store brand peanut butter to Calve. When we are visiting our Dutch family in Deventer, he now prefers the Lidl or Aldi or Albert Heijn brand to Calve. From the land of PBJ, Linda@Wetcreek Blog