Saturday, 19 October 2013

My 365 Grateful Project #1: Education, Reading & Being Bilingual

#1 Grateful for the education system my sons have access to

Over on 4 kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle, Kirsty just posted about the #365grateful project. I immediately had a light bulb moment and wanted in. Being a stay at home mum (with the stolen hour here and there to do some writing) can sometimes feel like sitting in a rut. Same thing, same time, most days. School and back eight times a day...... and sometimes I need a kick in the butt to just treasure the amazing moments I do have in a day. I wrote Freeze the Day last week and the post I read today by Kirsty seemed to fit seamlessly together with that. So here's the beginning of my own 365grateful project.

Today I took my eldest into town and we stopped by the library for some books. He's learning to read and write at school at the moment. I sat with him on the library floor for a few minutes listening to him read the first pages of some of the books we found, to see if they were the right level for him. He's taken to reading like a duck to water. He loves it and he's so proud of himself for being able to read pages and pages at a time, putting the story together for his little brothers. Not only is he reading Dutch books, but English ones too - we found a couple of English early readers at the library too. 

How grateful I am for the Dutch education system, and the fact that education here is not only a given but compulsory. So many children across the world don't have that privilege. 

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