Monday, 5 August 2013

Mums Don't Lie About The Tooth Fairy

This is not my son by the way, but it is the same tooth that
is loose....
Photo: Olga Doroschenkova
My son has his first wobbly tooth. Aside from making my stomach turn with his constant wobbling of his bottom front tooth with his fingers and his invitations for me to "have a feel" I am also dealing with his plan to "wait until all my teeth are out and then put them all together under my pillow in one go."

I have explained to him that getting all his 'big people teeth' through can actually take years but he either has a lot of patience, a stack of money somewhere that I don't know about or he thinks his own mother is a liar. In any case I am busy trying to prepare him for the fact that teeth go under the pillow the day they fall out. Otherwise the tooth fairy won't take them. Fact. She doesn't like old fallen out teeth. Only fresh ones.

Now why would he think his own mother is a liar?

Does the tooth fairy collect teeth in the country you call home? Do you have childhood memories of wobbly teeth and the tooth fairy? 


  1. I remember being enchanted at the thought of the tooth fairy and was so excited when I had a wobbly tooth!

    I remember getting 10 pence for each tooth and just loving it! :-)


  2. I remember the enchantment too. And of course the money.....