Monday, 2 September 2013

7 Tips to Help a HSC Flourish in School

For those of you who are regular readers or who are 'likers' of the Expat Life with a Double Buggy Facebook page you'll know this theme of highly sensitive children (HSC) is not a new one on this blog. I started writing about my personal experiences of raising a HSC a few months back after a tumultuous school year and the feeling that I wasn't being listened to by the people that mattered in my son's school.

When my son's teacher and headmaster refused to accept there was an issue saying that high sensitivity isn't scientifically proven we knew it was time to make a well thought out exit. There is only so much head banging you can do and stay sane. In our case it was 18 months and sanity was only just left in tact.

The old cliche of "if I could turn back time...." is particularly relevant here. I would do things so differently if I could go back to my eldest son starting school. Obviously I'm not time lord so I accept things as they are but I can share our story - and I hope what we have learnt along the way can help other parents raising highly sensitive children.

So head on over to Amsterdam Mamas for my latest article 7 Tips to Help a HSC Flourish in School.

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